The Biotechs Bloomed and Made Us Thousands Last Night

The markets and sectors There were some fantastic opportunities in the markets last night. Biotechs, which I’d only spoken about yesterday, was the strongest-performing sector. Several of my day-trading students made more than $2,000 on biotechs last night. If you are...

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Nasdaq Still Looks Bearish – Other Indexes Appear Strong

The markets On Friday trading was range-bound. The Nasdaq was down again, 0.34%, and the Russell 2000 was down 0.25%. The SPX and the transports were virtually unchanged for the day and the industrials were also flat. If you look at the opening 30-minute range of the...

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NDX Sputters While Energy Sector Loses Power

The markets The Nasdaq broke down again last night, around 0.5%. The Russell 2000 was also down around 0.5%. All the other major indexes were down, although not significantly. Transports were up slightly, 0.23%. Both bonds and gold were also slightly down. Looking at...

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Watch the NDX Closely for Intra-Day Profits

The markets Everything was down last night except for transports, which were up 0.65%. The Nasdaq did move down again, 0.59%. Let’s look at that in relation to the 21-EMA. The Nasdaq has broken below the 21-EMA on a daily chart and is now testing that lower level,...

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IWM Up Strongly As Likelihood Of Trump Impeachment Recedes

The market The Russell 2000 (the IWM) had a very strong move up last night, up 1.37%, but the other major indexes were flat. The Nasdaq was up just a pinch at 0.13%, but the S&P 500, the industrials and the transports were all very flat last night. Gold and the...

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Stock market very quiet, but there is still money to be made

The market I’m still here in Thailand day-trading with my students and we got into two great trades last night even though the market is dead flat. The market did virtually nothing last night but we still made money. One of the trades that we got into was Zion. In the...

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Strange Days Are Here – Bonds And Stocks Up

The markets The Nasdaq rose strongly on Friday – 1.12% – and the bonds were also up 1.18%. All the major indexes were up, but it is unusual that both the bonds and the market were up. A US employment report came out on Friday, and jobs weren’t up as much as expected....

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Financials Showing Weakness, Proceed With Caution

The market Everything was slightly down yesterday. There was a bit of profit taking and the markets stagnated. I knew it was not going to be a major down day. How? Let’s take a look at the chart of the S&P 500, which accounts for 72% of the US stock market. It is...

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